Our History

January 2007:
     We were introduced to each other and watched our first Superbowl together (even though it was in different time zones!)
April 2007:
     We met face to face for the first time.
July 2007:
     The Mrs. fell in love.
November 2007:
     The Mr. fell in love.
January 2008:
     Our second Superbowl together--STILL in different time zones...grrrr...
July 2008:
     He proposed on one knee at the beach. She cried and said yes. Cue the dolphins. (Seriously. There
actually were dolphins.)
October 2008:
     The most beautiful wedding set to a pretty amazing soundtrack!
November 2008:
     We got Charlie. And 498656 rawhide bones.
January 2009:
     Our third Superbowl--FINALLY together!
November 2010:
     We moved to our new home.
July 2011:
     We got Layla. And 320570 MORE rawhide bones.
January 2012:
     Our 6th Superbowl
May 2012:
     We began the Home Study process for adoption.
August 2012:
     We were approved!!!
September 2012:
     We start the adoption process...and we can't WAIT to start our family!
October 2012:
     Through the generosity and love of friends, family and strangers, we raised EVERY SINGLE PENNY we need!!!
November 2012:
     The journey truly begins.

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