Saturday, September 15, 2012

Details, details, details

A dear friend (with a huge compulsion to offer me his opinion on all things!) told me after reading our blog he really didn't know anything except that we were adopting.
So, here's the skinny on our journey:

  • We've completed our home study and have been approved. (This includes background checks, child abuse clearances, paperwork, fingerprints, etc.)
  • We've found an agency in Ohio that we're working with.
  • We've completed a profile book, basically a photobook that tells our story together, why we want to adopt and what we can provide a child.
  • We're doing a domestic adoption, so our baby could come from any state in the US.
  • We are searching for an infant; gender doesn't matter. A sibling group or twins would be ideal.
  • We would prefer a bi-racial baby (for obvious reasons); however, it doesn't really matter to us.
  • The child could arrive any day now (both exciting and thrilling all at once...better get that nursery ready!!!)
  • We are sent "situations" by the agency with a history of the birthmother and birthfather when available.
  • We choose the situation that fits our family best.
  • The birthmother is sent our profile book, and she decides if we are to be the adoptive parents of her child.
  • As soon as Baby is born, we travel to wherever they are; we sign the papers, wrap them up in something adorable, strap them in the car, and take them home.
We are excited to talk about it all; please ask if you have any questions; we'd love to answer them! Or check back with our blog; we try to update as much as possible.

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