Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I don't even know what to call this post...

I almost didn't do it.
A friend I've had since high school told me to check out a site for fundraising, and I almost didn't.
It was a great idea. I knew it as soon as I saw it.
(Plus, she's pretty smart.)
I didn't know if the site was going to work, even though all signs pointed to yes.
I didn't know if anyone would see it.
I didn't know if it would be worth the hassle.
I almost didn't do it, honestly, because I thought no one would respond.
And I would have been heartbroken.

Well, I am broken. But in the most beautiful way imaginable.

My brother was the one who told me to man up; it's not about me; it's not about Kory. It's about our baby. And bringing them home.

So I created our site.
I posted it to facebook.
And I thought I sit back and wait.
I did.
For about 38 seconds.
And then the messages and the hits and the donations and the messages and the posts started...and they haven't stopped.
In less than 48 hours we have over $4800 in our adoption fund, a private account specifically and solely for adoption.
And I haven't stopped crying since.

Many of you have kept me updated on our site for the past two days, counting the dollars, reading the messages, refreshing the browser and watching with baited breath as the money climbs and soars and stretches.
God truly divides loaves and fishes. He's come through for us on this. And He's using you to do it.

I pulled the computer over to the dinner table tonight, planning to read through the messages left by all of you while Kory finished off his dinner.
I figured I could do it; I've read through each one about 50 times today.

Yeah, well, I couldn't get through the first one without tears streaming down my face and choking back half of the words.
Kory wasn't much better.
He actually told me to stop. He couldn't do it. The tears refused to subside.

What do you say in response to this outpouring of love?
What words will ever do justice to such kindness and generosity?
What do you do to honor those who show so much loyalty and sacrifice?

The only thing I know to do is to make sure our baby knows every word, every face, every name, every act of love shown to them before they were even born.
Your names will be written on their heart.
Your messages are going to be posted on their wall, so that every morning when they wake up they will be surrounded by your love.
You are helping bring our baby home.
We are so very grateful.

And to be honest, if this keeps up--we might be able to bring home two!!!!

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